Reasons To Consider Continuing Your Education As A School Nurse

28 September 2022
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As a school nurse, you are the first responder when a student falls ill in the classroom. Ideally, you'd like to provide assistance in a way that can get the student back into the classroom, but you are also trained on how to recognize serious problems that might require additional assistance. While you no doubt went to school to be able to perform your current role, there are a variety of options out there for those looking for school nurse professional resources or options for continuing your education. Read More 

4 Facts About Adult Diploma Programs

3 May 2022
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A high school diploma can open doors. It can help you get jobs and even save money on some types of insurance. Fortunately, it's never too late to earn your diploma. If you dropped out of high school as a teenager, you can still earn your diploma as an adult. Here are four things you should know about adult diploma programs if you're interested in joining one: 1. You can attend classes in person or online. Read More