Creating Safe Societies Through Police Youth Education Programs

3 December 2021
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The police perform many functions in society. The primary role of police officers is to protect and serve citizens. However, most people do not know other functions that the police offer to society, such as providing youth forums and programs that empower and educate teenagers and young adults. Police officers usually encounter many youths in conflict with the law. Thus, police officers often take initiatives such as establishing youth-oriented programs that strive to improve relationships between police and the youth and educate them on staying safe and out of trouble. People should join and support the initiative to ensure more youth take up the educative programs to create a safe society and youths who understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. Below are a few examples of what NYPD youth education programs can aim for. 

Improve Relationships Between Police and the Youth

NYPD youth education programs are crucial because they help improve the relationship between youth and the police. Police officers usually perform challenging tasks that are made more difficult because of erroneous perceptions among some citizens. Thus, police officers must find ways of improving their relationships with citizens to enhance cooperation. NYPD youth education programs provide youth and police officers a platform to engage and exchange ideas on improving service delivery and cooperation with the citizens. NYPD youth education programs significantly contribute to shaping people's outlook of police departments for the better, thus improving society. 

Sensitization on Drugs and Substance Abuse

Many young people usually struggle with drug addiction and substance abuse. Some youths ruin their lives and bright futures because of drugs and substance abuse. Police officers are usually tasked with curbing the spread and use of harmful drug substances in society. Unfortunately, most people suffering from addiction and other drug abuse-related problems are young adults. Thus, police officers use NYPD youth education forums to educate young adults on drug abuse's health and social effects to curb its spread. Police officers also explain to the youth the legal consequences of possessing or using banned drugs and substances. 

Campaigns Against Gang Membership

NYPD youth education programs also focus on creating gang awareness among the youth. Most people are usually lured at a young age to join gang activity because they do not know better. Gangs are a major concern to society because they recruit unsuspecting youth who pay the price with their lives or freedom. Creating gang awareness is important because it significantly reduces the crime rate, incarcerated youths, and gang-related deaths. Thus, people should encourage young adults to join NYPD youth education programs that discuss pressing issues and empower the youth.